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Treatment Centers specialize in many different areas, including alcohol addition, drug addiction, eating disorders, 12 Step, counseling, holistic treatment and more. can help you to find the right treatment center for you to get started on the path to recovery. Find a treatment center near you by selecting your city of choice.

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  • Pot Measure Approved for Vote This August, Alaskans will have a chance to vote on whether or not to make marijuana legal in our state. According to reporti…
  • Alaska and High Alcohol Taxes There’s a general link between how much booze costs and the amount consumed. The higher the price, the less alcohol overall…
  • Nine Arrested in Drug Ring Bust Indictments were handed down for nine men last week. The gang is accused of running drugs from California into Alaska and the…
  • We Love Our Booze According to the Anchorage Daily News, Alaskans are drinking more than ever, even with higher prices and penalties. Taxes …
  • Pilot Faces $1M Fine on Alcohol Charge The Anchorage Daily News reported on a smuggling case last week that wouldn’t make much sense in the lower 48. First of all…


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